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Expanded Size Sleeve


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  • Free bonus extra stretchy sleeve included
  • 2022 Baby Innovation Award: Plush Toy of the Year

Expanded size sleeve to use with our Soothie Sleeve plush animals sold separately.

Perfect for:Ā 

šŸŒŸLarger arms (consider if diameter of wrist is > 6.5 inches (or 16.5 cm)
šŸŒŸPostpartum Use

  • Wear sleeve to absorb parent's scent

  • Place sleeve on plush animal as a t-shirt

  • Parent's scent comforts child while apart

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Ready-to-Gift Box

Each Soothie Sleeveā„¢ by Mini Ducklingsā„¢ set contains:
šŸ’ž Adorable & huggable plushĀ 
šŸ’ž Coordinating standard size sleeve designed to absorb scent to comfort your baby
šŸ’ž Our signatureClose at Hearthardcover book
šŸ’ž AĀ ready-to-gift boxĀ perfect for baby showers & hospital visits


Close at Heart is a beautifully illustrated story that shows the many ways Soothie Sleeveā„¢ can comfort your child. It will quickly become a favorite book to read together. Written with love by Ellie Donahue, the daughter of pediatrician and creator, Dr. Sarah Donahue.

Book included showing many ways to use Soothie Sleeveā„¢ to comfort your child

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some times Soothie Sleeve can be useful?

Great question! My hope is that it will become your childā€™s most loved stuffed animal and provide years of comfort.

Here are some perfect times to use your Soothie Sleeve to start:

ā€¢ A babysitter can comfort your child with their favorite Soothie Sleeve
ā€¢ Allows Mom to sleep through a nighttime feeding while someone else (Dad, Grandma, Nanny, etc) gives the baby a bottle
ā€¢ Daycare/Nanny can use to comfort your child while you work
ā€¢ Toddler can snuggle their Soothie Sleeve to comfort them all night for less frequent awakenings
ā€¢ Can soothe your child while you are away on a work trip

Do you offer additional sleeves for purchase?

Each Soothie Sleeve comes with one standard size sleeve and we are including a slightly stretchier additional sleeve as part of our initial launch. We currently also offer an expanded size sleeve option for use with larger arms. We plan to offer additional sleeves in the original colors and new colors/patterns in the future to allow for more flexibility if your original sleeve is in use or being washed and you need to wear another one.

Can my child sleep with their Soothie Sleeve?

Yes, as long as they are over 12 months! The American Academy of Pediatrics safe sleep recommendations for the first 12 months include keeping soft objects like stuffed animals away from the sleep area. So, you can certainly use the Soothie Sleeve to calm and soothe your baby during their bedtime snuggles but then remember to remove the animal from the crib prior to them going to sleep.

When will my order ship?

Soothie Sleeves ship in 1-2 business days

Is the Soothie Sleeve washable?

ā€¢ We recommend you only spot clean your Plush Animal.
ā€¢ The Sleeve can be hand washed or washed on a delicate cycle. Lay flat to dry.

Meet Soothie Soundsā„¢ adorable little White Noise Friends who sound just like they look!

Customer Reviews

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Brilliant idea!!!!

Love everything about this product and itā€™s my new go to baby shower gift!!

Perfect for Dad

So happy to have this option for dad!