Soothe and comfort your baby with your scent

Creator, Sarah Donahue, M.D., F.A.A.P.

As a pediatrician, Dr. Sarah Donahue, saw the need for parents to have a tool to help them comfort their children when they are apart. Understanding the strong connection between a parent and child, Dr. Donahue created Soothie Sleeve™, a patent pending plush animal line which uses a parent's own scent for comfort.

PEDIATRICIAN DESIGNED to help solve the difficulty of parent/child separation for work, sleep, travel, or other reasons.

SCIENTIFICALLY SUPPORTED to use parental scent to decrease anxiety and crying, enhance feeding, and comfort your child when you are apart.

  • Wear sleeve to absorb parent's scent

  • Place sleeve on plush animal as a t-shirt

  • Parent's scent comforts child while apart

Close at Heart

Close at Heart is a beautifully illustrated story that shows the many ways Soothie Sleeve™ can comfort your child. It will quickly become a favorite book to read together.

Written with love by Ellie Donahue, the daughter of pediatrician and creator Dr. Sarah Donahue.